FireCatt Uses Mapping to Improve Customer Scheduling and Grow Sales

Chapter 1

The Company & Goal

FireCatt, the leading authority in fire hose testing in the U.S., wanted a faster, more efficient way to schedule customer testing.

The Company

FireCatt is a privately-owned company in Troy, Michigan dedicated to serving the testing needs of over 700 fire departments, governmental agencies, and industrial companies across the country. To keep fire departments and the communities they serve safe, FireCatt performs annual testing of fire hoses, ground ladders, nozzles, and appliances.


The Goal

FireCatt services fire departments and agencies as far west as California and Washington, and as far south as Florida. With customers all over the country, FireCatt wanted a way to more efficiently schedule its customers’ annual testing to save time and money.

Chapter 2

The Challenge

Customer scheduling was done on a dry erase board and would take months to complete.

The way FireCatt traditionally scheduled its appointments with customers was by drawing dots on a dry erase map of the United States to represent all its customers. This manual process led to inconsistencies, risk of scheduling inaccuracies, and repeated trips to the same geographical areas because of the lack of visibility into their customer locations. Scheduling fire hose and equipment testing took months to plan, and would have to be repeated again each year. FireCatt wanted an easier, faster, and more accurate way to map its customers and schedule testing. It considered Google maps and other mapping tools, but found the right fit immediately with Mapline.

“When we started doing our research on maps that could help us, it was a no brainer from the instant we watched the tutorial.”

- Paul Battistelli, Director of Operations 

Chapter 3

The Solution

Mapline has helped FireCatt save on hotel costs, maintain their equipment longer, and close more sales.

Mapline made customer scheduling and planning faster and easier for Battistelli and his team. By digitally mapping their customers, they could turn customer pins on and off when needed and color code by geographic area to schedule according to season. What used to take months to complete now only took a matter of hours. But Mapline did more for FireCatt than streamlining its customer scheduling process:


  • Cost Savings
  • Equipment Maintenance
  • Customer Growth

Better Scheduling Has Led to Cost Savings


Battistelli and his team used to have to make repeat visits to the same geographical areas when they were manually scheduling customer testing. This led to higher hotel costs and increased mileage on their trucks, requiring new tire purchases more often. With Mapline, Battistelli could find customers within the same geographic areas and schedule them within the same visit timeframe. Thanks to this efficiency, FireCatt is able to take advantage of extended stay deals and cut back on how often new tires are purchased, saving the company money overall.

More Efficient Travel Has Maintained Equipment Quality


Before Mapline, FireCatt did a lot of back tracking to visit customers. Traveling more meant putting more wear and tear on FireCatt’s testing equipment. By scheduling and traveling more efficiently, FireCatt is able to maintain its equipment longer.

Mapline Has Helped Grow FireCatt’s Customer Base


Besides improving its operations, Mapline has helped increase FireCatt’s number of customers. When Battistelli attended a county chief’s meeting in a region of one of his customers, he showed everyone in attendance how Mapline helps FireCatt maximize its service to its customers. Since then, FireCatt has increased its customer base in that region.

“It helped us tremendously, being able to use Mapline in a sales perspective.” 

Chapter 4

The Results

Since Mapline, FireCatt has grown its customer base and saved an estimated $5,000 in hotel savings when scheduling customer testing.

Since using Mapline, FireCatt has been able to more quickly and efficiently map its customers and schedule fire hose and equipment testing. Through a more streamlined process, the FireCatt team saves on travel costs, maintains its equipment longer, and has increased its sales. 




"Mapline has been able to save us money by geographically allowing us to “stack departments” on same days.  For every set of departments we can stack to save on a hotel night, Mapline is saving us an average of $225.00 per night...We are estimating that by the use of the Mapline software, it has saved us an estimated $5000.00 in hotel savings alone thru August of 2017."